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Sim-Krause Consulting (SKC) is a full-service public relations and inbound marketing agency. We service a unique blend of technology, non-profit and Asian-related companies based on one simple criteria:

We must believe in you… in your vision, your cause, your future, your dreams.

The rest comes naturally. We draw from our collective experiences – proven strategies in public relations and inbound marketing – to help you get from where you are today to where you’d like to be tomorrow.

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Four Commandments of Media Relations

Today’s headlines across the world are filled with examples of bad media relations practices. From lying to spying, American companies and politicians at the highest level are behaving appallingly and unprofessionally toward the media…

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Sometimes, All You Need is a Little Advice…

Face it. It’s not easy doing it all.

You have dreams, aspirations, goals for marketing and PR. You just want to talk to an expert, a sounding board, who can listen and give you a little advice. Well, you’ve come to the right place. To request a complimentary consultation session with SKC founder and PR veteran Sharon Sim, contact us by clicking on below:

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Knowing your audience can be a powerful tool. Jargon can connect or alienate depending on who you’re talking to. #PRTips


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